Wireless Audio Transmitter and Receiver


  • Transform a non-Bluetooth® device into a Bluetooth® transmitter

  • Add Bluetooth® functionality to your non-Bluetooth® device
  • Up to 13 hours of play time
  • 32' range
  • Enjoy real-time high-quality audio streaming


Jensen's Wireless Audio Transmitter & Receiver unlocks the full potential of your devices. The Bluetooth® transmitter can be used to stream audio from non-Bluetooth® devices to Bluetooth® headphones or speakers. Or, as a Bluetooth® receiver you can stream audio from your Bluetooth® device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to a non-Bluetooth® audio source like home stereos, or wired headsets and speakers. Jensen's Wireless Audio Transmitter & Receiver gives you the freedom to stream your favorite music and audio wherever you want.  

Dimensions    2.56"H x 1.02"W x 0.44"D
Weight    0.06 lbs.