RCA : Connectivity : DH202F

HDMI/F Connector Wall Plate


  • Carries high-definition 2160P video and digital audio signals via HDMI and digital transmissions via F-Connector

  • Supports 3D, Ethernet, and Audio Return Channel via HDMI
  • UltraHD Compatible
  • Supports high-definition video formats (up to 2160P) as well as enhanced and standard definition formats via HDMI
  • Supports a wide variety of audio formats, from stand stereo to multi-channel surround sound


Combination HDMI Jack and F-connector wall plate for in-wall installations. Carries high definition 2160P video and digital audio signals via HDMI, and digital signals via the F-connector. The wall plate provides a flat, clean looking outlet for the conn

  • Wall plate scrtews included
  • White