RCA : Connectivity : AMP1450E

RCA Digital Amplifier for Indoor HDTV Antennas


  • Extends range for indoor antennas and enhances performance in low signal strength areas

  • Compatible with all non-amplified antenna brands
  • RCA advanced SmartBoost™ technology amplifies weak signals while filtering out false signals
  • Optimizes performance with separate UHF/VHF digital amplification
  • Upgrades passive antennas to CEA approved amplified antennas


RCA digital signal amplifiers add just the right amount of amplification to weak signals, giving you the best reception possible while preserving signal purity with our new Extremely Low-Noise (ELN) circuitry.

  • Easy coax connection
  • 1-year limited warranty


Great customer service

by Lawrence Green , on 2018-Sep-06

When I needed help I submitted my question and an engineer got back right away with several options and good information. This helped me solve my problem without guessing what to do. Thank you very much.