Alarm Clock Time Projector with Color Display


  • Built-in time projector that displays the time on wall or ceiling with adjustable focus and rotation

  • Large backlit color LCD display
  • Snooze function to easily prolong your wake-up
  • Temperature readout displays indoor temperature and relative humidity
  • Day of the week and date display


Wake up each morning in style. This Alarm Clock by RCA has a built-in time projector that displays the time on your wall or ceiling - just like the movies! This alarm clock truly has got it all: large type LCD backlit color display, snooze function to help prolong your wake-up, day of the week and date display, and "no worry" battery backup. Plus, indoor and outdoor temperature display helps you to always be prepared. Take on your day feeling like a hero with RCA's Time Projector Alarm Clock!

Features (continued)
  • "No worry" battery back-up
Dimensions    4.33"H x 5.90"W x 2.29"D
Weight    0.55 lbs.