Bed Shaker Alarm Clock with USB Charging


  • Colorful, dimmable display

  • Time, date, and day
  • Dual alarms and snooze setting
  • Indoor temperature and humidity display
  • USB-A charging port with battery status bar


Never sleep through your alarm again with RCA's Bed Shaker Alarm Clock. This compact bedside alarm clock displays the day of the week, time and date, as well as the indoor temperature and humidity. It comes with a powered bed shaker device that is dedicated to making sure you never sleep in. Customize your wake-up with its dual alarm/snooze settings, plus the colorful, adjustable brightness display. The battery status bar will let you know when to recharge the device, so there's no need to worry about a dead battery letting you down. The compatible AC adapter is included. Set your morning alarm with confidence each night.

Features (continued)
  • Powered bed shaker with dedicated port
  • AC adapter included
Dimensions    4.64"H x 4.56"W x 2.28"D
Weight    2.09 lbs.