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RCA : Remotes : 4- and 5-Device Remotes : RCRP05BR

5 device cable universal remote

This 5 device remote control is designed especially for cable systems, with a form factor and key layout modeled on what millions of cable customers already know and use. This remote is easy to program and easy to use. The navigation clusters put DVR, guide and interactive functions together. Its specialized red, blue, yellow, and green keys unlock advanced features on cable or satellite systems as well as blu-ray disc players. It offers the latest codes for digital tv converter boxes and supports new features such as HDTV sub channels.

  • Designed especially for cable systems

  • Controls TV, DVR or AUX, cable or satellite, DVD or DVR, and audio
  • Red, blue, yellow and green keys access advanced cable, satellite or blu-ray functions
  • Learning capability
  • Macro capability
  • Enhanced DVR or PVR capability
  • Master power feature turns up to 5 devices on and off
  • Direct code entry and manual code search programming
  • Menu support
  • Guide support
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Limited lifetime warranty