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4 device universal remote control

Model :  RCR451


  • 4 in 1 universal remote control

  • Controls most brands of TV, DVD, VCR, PVR, SAT and cable boxes
  • Multi color keypad makes keys easy to use
  • Simple device set up
  • Replaces or consolidates most major remote brands
This simple 4 device universal remote control has the capacity to control 4 components and makes juggling the remote a thing of the past.
Note: There are two versions of this remote: one with a dash key to the right of the 0 key, and one without a dash key. This page is for the version WITHOUT the dash key. If your remote has the dash key, click here.


  • Controls 4 devices
  • Robust IR code library to support the newest devices
  • Works with over 350 brands
  • Limited lifetime warranty