Rca Chipper Nipper
RCA : Remotes : 2- and 3-Device Remotes : RCRPS02GR

2 device universal remote

Go to your favorite TV and satellite or cable channels instantly! Like presets on a car radio, RCA Universal Remotes with Presets let you set your favorites, then go to them with a single button press. And like all RCA remotes, they're simple to program and easy to use, with codes that support the latest home theater devices, including streaming players.

  • Preset channel capability lets you program your 10 favorite channels for TV and satellite or cable

  • Master power lets you automatically turn all your programmed devices on or off
  • Oversized, easy-to-use keys
  • Illuminates with green backlit keypad
  • Includes codes and support for streaming media players, like AppleTV and Roku
  • Controls TV and SAT/CBL/STREAM
  • Simple setup with brand code search and direct code entry
  • Digital sub-channel capability (like 59.1)
  • Guide and Input keys
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (sold separately)