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RCA Memory Manager
The quickest way to share your videos.
It's your life: record it, share it, save it. RCA makes it easy and fun, with RCA Memory Manager software built in to our camcorders, for Mac and Windows.
  • Application installs onto PC during launch
  • Easily upload videos to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and more
  • Touch up photos and burn to DVD
  • Supports Mac and Windows
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Upload and share your video clips with friends. RCA Memory Manager makes it easier than ever to share via YouTube, Box.net, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo.

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Every RCA digital camcorder comes loaded with RCA Memory Manager software. This software lets you view, edit, share and save your videos and photos in minutes. Both camcorder and software work hand-in-hand on either a Mac or PC (Windows XP or Vista), so you can make the most of your RCA camcorder.

Looking for the most recent RCA Memory Manager software?

Click here to go to the downloads page. Then select your camcorder model from the dropdown list.

Viewing and Saving.
Utilize multiple viewing options for captured video; create photographs from video in a snap with EZ Grab; save videos to your PC to view them anytime.

Trim video "start" and "end" points to cut waste and keep only the footage you want. Then "click and drag" these edited segments onto the "Stage" to position them into any desired sequence. Once arranged, one "click" joins these trimmed segments into a seamless movie.

Share your videos with the world in a variety of quick and easy ways directly from within Memory Manager. Small videos can be emailed in a cinch, because Memory Manager opens your default email program with your selected video already placed as an attachment. Simply enter the address and send. Uploading your video to box.net** lets a private or public audience access your videos online via link. You can also post your videos to YouTube in seconds for all the world to see.

HD Video.
Some Small Wonder camcorders allow you to record and play back video in HD quality - High Definition format. You can use either your PC or an HD TV to view.

On Your PC: Be sure to install the included Memory Manager software on your PC. Here's why. The Small Wonder camcorders that record in HD quality (720p or 1080p) utilize an RCA version of the H.264 video coding technology, and the video files use the AVI file format. This means that for videos to play on your PC, you must have an H.264 video decoder installed in your computer. The Memory Manager software included on these camcorders automatically installs this decoder on your PC.

On Your TV: Your camcorder includes a standard AV cable, so that you can connect your camcorder directly to the TV and view your videos in standard video quality. The Small Wonder camcorders that are HD-capable include a built-in mini-HDMI port. If you purchase a mini-HDMI-to-HDMI cable, you'll be able to view your videos in HD quality on all compatible HD TVs.

Software Updates. Here's an important tip. After initially loading RCA Memory Manager software onto your PC, if you are ever prompted to install a newer version, we highly recommend you do so. We make improvements to this software frequently, adding features and enhancements you'll surely want to have. (In the future, you may also be prompted to update the camcorder's firmware; we suggest you do so, as well.)

And remember...
We've put additional resources at your disposal in case you need further information or assistance.

Help Section. There's a Help Section built into the RCA Memory Manager software, which provides answers to the most commonly asked questions we've encountered. To find it, just "click" on the button in the upper right hand corner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Within this site is a link to our FAQ database. Here you'll also find answers to many commonly asked questions.