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RCA Digital Antennas

Why you need an antenna, even if you have cable or satellite.
The secret is out: the best quality HDTV is free. And with a Digital Antenna from RCA, you're all set to enjoy it.
  • Numerous FREE local TV channels not on cable or satellite
  • Receive local News, Sports, Foreign Language and Weather, especially helpful during emergencies
  • The Best Quality HD: True 1080i
  • Check out the ever increasing availability of FREE HD channels and programming in your area at titantv.com
  • Click here to go to find the right antenna for you
RCA Indoor Digital Antennas use patented technology to outperform traditional antennas, with 360-degree reception that does away with constant adjustments.
Amplified Models Non-Amplified Models
ANT1450 ANT1400R
ANT1450BR ANT1500
ANT1550 ANT1600R
Mozy Box
RCA Outdoor Antennas provide extended range for more challenging reception environments, in designs from traditional YAGI to compact directional and multi-directional models.
Traditional YAGI Compact directional
ANT3038XR ANT751
ANT3036XR Compact multi-directional
ANT3036W ANT800R
ANT3020X ANT806