Rca Chipper Nipper
RCA : Power : Surge Protectors : PS27210BR

7 outlet surge protector for phone, fax, and modem lines

This 7 outlet surge safeguards your general home electronics, including your TVs connected to cable or satellite, DVDs, audio devices, computers, video games systems, and portable devices. Plus, this model offers added protection for all phone, fax, and modem lines. With 1500 joules, you can protect your equipment from damaging power surges.

  • 7 outlet surge

  • 1 adapter-sized outlet provides ample space for a large adapter power plug
  • 1500 joules surge protection
  • Illuminated indicator shows status of the surge at a glance
  • Protects phone, fax and modem lines
  • Integrated child safety covers
  • 4 foot double insulated cord
  • Jet black in color
  • Limited lifetime product warranty
  • $75,000 connected equipment guarantee