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9 foot Digital Plus HDMI cable

The Digital Plus 9 foot HDMI cable transfers uncompressed high definition video and multi channel digital audio including surround sound. This cable allows the transfer of digital audio and video in a single cable, permitting a less confusing mess of wires and organized home theater center. The HDMI connector is small, which makes it is ideal for installers and in wall use. HDMI cables can be used with HDTV's, receivers, DVD players, game consoles, cable and satellite set top boxes and DVR's.

  • Maximizes transfer of high definition video and digital signals

  • Connects HDTV, PVR, audio video Receiver, DVD, Cable, Satellite
  • Gold plated connector ensures a precise fit for enhanced picture clarity and more accurate sound
  • Supports high definition video formats 720p,1080i,1080p, enhanced, and standard definition formats