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6 foot Digital Plus Swivel HDMI cable

The Digital Plus 6 foot Swivel HDMI cable lets you get your HDMI connection into tight spaces, like behind your HDTV, with a 2-way swivel that rotates the connectors 90 degrees. This cable transfers uncompressed 1080p HD video and multi-channel digital audio, including surround sound. It also supports 3D, ethernet and return channel audio.

  • Designed with one 2-way swivel for close-to-wall mounting and one standard connector

  • Connects and HDMI-compatible audio/video source to an HDTV
  • Carries high-definition 1080p video and digital audio signals
  • Gold-plated connector for enhanced picture clarity and more accurate sound
  • Supports 3D, ethernet and return channel audio
  • Lifetime warranty