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RCA : Audio : Docks for iPod : RC65i

Audio system with built-in dock for iPod and iPhone and clock radio functionality

The RC65I was designed with the iPod and iPhone 3G user in mind. This clock radio sound station combines the best in clock radio functionality with high performance sound. Enjoy the ability to listen to, wake from, or charge your iPod or iPhone 3G with bedside convenience.

  • iPod and iPhone docking

  • Compatible with iPhone 3G & 3GS
  • Retractable docking drawer
  • Choice of waking up to the alarm, iPod, or to a favorite radio station
  • Charges your iPod and iPhone while docked
  • Touch sensitive front control panel
  • Audio line in for MP3 player connectivity
  • High performance sound
  • Side facing subwoofer port
  • Automatic time set
  • Multiple levels of brightness are offered with this unit to accommodate different light conditions
  • SmartSnooze function, all buttons act as snooze button when alarm is sounding
  • Dual wake, two alarm settings
  • Individual wake time indicators showing two different alarm settings for two different users
  • Sleep function plays the radio for 2 hours before automatically turning off the radio
  • Nap function allows the user to set for 10 minute increments up to a total of 2 hours of naptime
  • Built-in no worry battery backup safeguards against power failures or outages
  • Gradual wake ramp up alarm slowly increases volume while sounding