Rca Chipper Nipper
RCA : Antennas : ANT525


Adjustable antenna

This indoor amplified TV antenna is designed to deliver HDTV or digital TV local channels. Its UHF loop folds, adjusts, and pivots for improved signal reception, and 45dB amplification with low noise filter improves reception of weaker signals and optimizes picture quality.

  • Loop adjusts for digital and analog channels 14 thru 69

  • Dipoles adjust for digital and analog channels 2 thru 13
  • Preserves signal purity for clearer picture and sound
  • Boosts TV and FM signals for best possible picture and sound
  • Receives digital and analog TV broadcasts and FM radio signals for free
  • Variable gain control lets you boost the signal enough for great picture without over modulating
  • HDTV compatible
  • Amplification with low noise filter improves weak signals
  • Low noise amplifier optimizes picture quality
  • Adjustable gain control fine tunes channels
  • VHF dipoles receives frequencies on channels 14 and up
  • Limited one year warranty
VOXX International BBB Business Review