Rca Chipper Nipper
RCA : Antennas : AMP1450F


Digital signal amplifier for indoor antennas

Our digital signal amplifiers add just the right amount of amplification to weak signals, giving you the best reception possible while preserving signal purity with our new Extremely Low-Noise (ELN) circuitry.

  • Enhances performance of all passive antenna brands

  • Optimizes signal for best possible reception
  • Preserves signal purity with extremely low-noise (ELN) circuitry
  • Engineered specifically for UHF/VHF digital signals
  • Upgrades passive antennas to CEA approved amplified antennas
  • Easy coax connection
  • Designed to match RCA Flat Series antennas
  • Meets or exceeds CEA performance standards for indoor antennas
  • 1-year limited warranty
VOXX International BBB Business Review